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Thankful for this year!

Jac Jemc

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Three small things to share: 

1) One of my heroes, Dan Chaon, picked The Grip of It as his favorite book of 2017 for this Publishers Weekly article.

2) Another hero, Jeff VanderMeer, was kind enough to say more kind words about The Grip of It in his Year of Reading Round-Up at the Millions.

3) Finally, FSG gave me a disposable FujiFilm camera and I used it to document how my life this semester, living in a temporary apartment, where the wind whistles through the window casings at a frequency not unlike a sort of chant, ended up mirroring The Grip of It. This is a part of their Developing Stories feature and you should definitely check out the entries by other contributors like Lindsay Hunter and Samantha Hunt! So terrific. 

My semester's winding down and I'm looking forward to finishing up my grading and getting on to some other projects in the new year! Hope you're muddling through despite all.