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These Strangers She'd Invited

These Strangers She'd Invited



The word that kept coming to mind as I read this chapbook once and twice and a third time was “impeccable.” The writing is quite crisp, almost intricate. Each sentence almost had an aphoristic quality.
— Roxane Gay, author of Ayiti
Each one seems a set piece, interchangeably, a curio on a slanting cabinet shelf, a mix of play and seriousness, a way of spooling up emotions and spinning them into tiny, hushed things. I would not be surprised to see this thing—poem, hybrid, flash?—alongside the gold-plated petrified bones of a deep sea fish or a looking glass or a dagger or a thimble made of crushed and varnished black bread or maybe even a type of large gleaming hook.
— Sean Lovelace, author of Fog Gorgeous Stag and How Some People Like Their Eggs
Smart, sharp chapbook. i felt pulled through each section seamlessly and ended up reading this three times in a row. section 8 took the cake for me, but nothing disappointed here.
— Sarah Etter, author of Tongue Party